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Bill 171 - Became Law June 2007

New Directions: Regulation of Health Professions in Ontario

Bill 171 proposed significant changes and regulation to the following professions:


Homeopathy and Naturopathy



Personal Support Workers


Hearing Care

Pharmacy Technicians

Our concern is with Section Q and the proposed definition of Psychotherapy which is too vague and too sweeping in scope. 

Though well intentioned, this Bill could prevent Ontarians from accessing qualified practitioners of Hypnosis, NLP, Creative Visualization, and many other methods of personal empowerment or self-development which change thinking, feelings, and behaviour.

Psychotherapy as defined on page 226 of the New Directions document is “the provision of psychological intervention or interventions, delivered through a therapeutic relationship, for the treatment of cognitive, emotional or behavioural disturbances". 

Our respectful position is that Hypnosis, NLP, TimeLine Therapy and other proven methods of personal empowerment and self-development which rapidly, safely and effectively change thinking, feelings, and behaviour are clearly not Psychotherapy and should therefore be specifically excluded from the proposed Act. 

Alternatively, the definition of Psychotherapy should be revised to be the treatment of severe cognitive, emotional or behavioural disturbances originating from a diagnosed medical disorder". 

Our grateful appreciation to Garth Riley, and the many viewers of First Take Live for your interest and vigilance in maintaining an excellent Health Care system in Ontario.

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