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Stop Smoking - Easily, Quickly, Forever

Hypnosis effectively stops smoking without cravings or withdrawal for about 85% of our clients, in 1 session.

Why ? 

Because our techniques give you direct access to where the desire starts and ends,  your unconscious mind.

Think about it.  

How do you know when it's time to:

  • start smoking ?

  • stop smoking ?

  • think about smoking ?

That's right, you get a feeling.  But the real reason most smokers light up is to create the emotional response of pleasure,  that occurs after you smoke.

So doesn’t it stand to reason that if you began smoking because of an emotional response, that you can stop smoking just as easily by changing the emotional response.     

You create what you think about and if you're a smoker then it's obvious what your mind has been thinking about.  

Because of this principle most stop smoking programs eventually fail;  your mind begins to think more and more about the relaxation smoking used to provide, which leads to thinking about how good that would feel  right now; and next thing you know where that leads to - bumming one.

If you really want to be a non-smoker, you must change the root cause of your desire to smoke, and the most effective, safe and natural way to do this is by accessing the power of your unconscious mind.

Using Hypnosis, the determination required to suppress your body's natural aversion to breathing smoke is magnified, and your mind is trained to achieve the same pleasure response it used to get, but without the cigarette.   

So imagine what would happen,  if you just didn't think about it anymore ?

 Call today and learn just how easy it is to break free.

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